App Training plans for 5-6 year old

App Training plans for 5-6 year old


80 ready-made football outlines,
233 exercises i 76 modifications,
– access to favorite outlines,
– the possibility of marking the conducted training sessions,
– outline search engine,
– table of contents with all the material that is in the printed book.

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Training plans for 5-6 year old are also available in the application version on the website. The application has the same material as the book. Use the database of ready-made exercises in an easy and quick way. In the application, we have the option of adding outlines to favorites as well as marking those that have already been used in training. In addition, there is a quick table of contents for the entire book and a search engine that allows you to quickly find a given outline. Join the group of over 500 coaches who make it easier to work today with us.

Each user who purchases a book in the form of an application will receive a message with a login (e-mail from the order) and password (can be changed in the application after logging in) to the portal and a message confirming which books have been assigned to the user account.

If you have an account on the portal, only a message will be sent in the form of confirmation of what books have been assigned to the account.

Emails are sent automatically as soon as the order is paid for. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support.

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